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Magazine and Newspaper Distribution Services

Octopus express grew up in a world when free magazine distribution was everywhere but now with the internet many of these titles simply dont exist, But does that mean there is no place for them? Well of course not but the demands on the transport companies that service these titles are very specialised and thats where we come in. At Octopus Express logistics we look at each free magazine and help plan the distribution, providing suitable locations and ensuring the the magazine gets public viewing. We also provide support to the magazine title to obtain their ABC ratings. Abc ratings are essential if you wish to grow your business as it gives the free magazine some credability with its potential advertisers, enabling the free magazine to grow and increase circulation. Lets face it the more people that want it and read the magazine, the easier it is to sell your advertising spaces.

supply chain managementSo why choose Octopus express Logistics to distribute your magazine title. Well thats simple, at Octopus Express Logistics we have the experience and trained staff who are use to handling magazines on a daily basis. We understand the significance of getting each title into the relevant position at each distribution point and with our in house merchandising training we can offer a better experience for your customers. Also with the support of our network of agents across the UK we can offer a national service to fit your companies specific needs.

Why not c all us on 01708 202375 to discuss how we can help you.

Some of our Free Magazines

Nigerian Watch

Jewish News

Primary Times

Property Mart

Job Ops


we look forward to hearing from you and finding the perfect magazine distribution service, tailor made to enhance your operation. Call us for a no obligation quotation on 01708 202375. Or click here to contact us

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